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  • Q.  What is debt settlement?
    A. Debt settlement is a debt relief solution regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that offers a simple and effective solution for consumers to resolve their unsecured debts. Debt Settlement firms advocate on behalf of their clients by negotiating directly with their creditors to achieve reductions in the amount they owe.
  • Q. How does the process work?
    A. Based on your specific creditors and debts owed, you are approved for a monthly program payment that is deposited into a special purpose account opened in your name. Our team of experienced debt negotiators will work diligently with your creditors to achieve more favorable repayment terms and call you to discuss the results. Once you approve a settlement agreement, funds will be sent from your special purpose account monthly, or in a lump sum payment, to that creditor to fulfil the specific terms of your agreement. Once complete, your obligation for that specific debt will be resolved.
  • Q.  Is the debt settlement industry regulated?
    A. Yes, the debt settlement industry is highly regulated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. In 2010, the FTC strengthened its regulation through revisions to the Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR). Several states also provide strong oversight of the industry.
  • Q.  Are there any upfront fees or charges for your services?
    A. No. As an American Fair Credit Council Member, we strictly adhere to all FTC debt relief guidelines and don't collect any fees for our services until after your debts are successfully settled. The cost for our service is already included in your approved monthly program deposit amount.
  • Q.  Are you a member the American Fair Credit Council?
    A. Yes, we are a proud member of the AFCC. The AFCC is the only Credit Advocacy Association that fights for the rights of consumers burdened by debt that wish to resolve their debt obligations through debt settlement. AFCC members must adhere to strict Code of Conduct and abide by all State and Federal laws and regulations relating to debt adjustment and settlement services.
  • Q.  Will each settlement offer be reviewed with me?
    A. Yes. Before a fee is earned or charged, each settlement must be reviewed and approved by you. If you aren't fully satisfied and happy with the new terms and savings provided, you have the right to reject the offer, or even withdraw from the program at any time without penalty.
  • Q.  How will this program impact my credit worthiness?
    A. Clients that enroll in debt settlement programs have typically accumulated high unsecured debt amounts, which can negatively impact their credit worthiness and lendability. The objective of debt settlement is to reduce the amount owed, allowing the clients to pay off their debts much faster, and for less. During the negotiation process, clients typically decide to halt additional payments on their accounts. This will result in an initial decline to their credit standing. Studies show that a median FICO score declines in the first 6 months of enrollment, and begins a steady recovery process soon there after.
  • Q.  Does paying off debt help my credit standing?
    A. Yes, paying off debt and lowering your debt-to-income ratio will help improve your credit worthiness.
  • Q.  Will I still be able to use the cards that are enrolled in the program?
    A. No, accounts you enroll and intend to pay off through the program should not be used after enrolment as that could negatively impact and hinder the negotiation process.
  • Q.  Will I be able to open and use credit cards again?
    A. Yes. Clients that pay off their debt obligations through the program are able to open new credit card accounts. In fact, opening new trade lines, and appropriately using them, can help you re-establish a good payment history more quickly.
  • Q.  Am I protected from harassing creditor calls?
    A. Yes. The Fair Debt Collection Act (FDCPA) was created to protect consumers and eliminate abusive practices. It also prescribes penalties for violations of the Act.
  • Q.  Will I receive any creditor calls?
    A. It is normal to receive some initial creditor calls while your new terms are being negotiated and approved. your accounts are successfully negotiated and approved. Our team of professional debt negotiators will communicate on your behalf to achieve the best savings and results for you.
  • Q.  Can creditors try to pursue legal action against me?
    A. The purpose of this program is to expeditiously negotiate with your creditors to achieve an acceptable settlement agreement to fully resolve your debt obligation. If a creditor initiates legal collection of the debt owed, we provide access to legal representation to enrolled clients that have remained current with their monthly program payments. Legal Partner Network (LPN) can represent and help qualified clients to negotiate and settle their debt at no extra expense.
  • Q.  How can I apply?
    A. Contact the team of experts at Debt Resolution Pros to learn if you meet the criteria to participate in our program and confirm how much you can save. Call now at 844-770-7767
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